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What is Google Ads advertising

Google advertising is the most profitable branch of Google. Last year, they earned $ 147 billion from advertising alone, which is as much as 80% of their revenue.

Why is so much money spent on google advertising?

Well maybe because it's effective. Unlike Facebook advertising, ads that are set to appear in search results for a particular keyword / phrase directly target the audience that needs that particular product / service.

Google advertising also offers the option of setting up a PPC - pay-per-click campaign where you only pay for people who click on your ad and thus visit your site.

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How does Google ads work?

Google search results consist of two parts:

  • Organic results that occupy the largest part of the page.

  • Paid ads are at the top and bottom of the page next to search results

Positioning the website as much as possible in the search results without paying for ads is achieved by optimizing the site, SEO.

The position of paid ads depends solely on the budget you are willing to set aside for this type of advertising. For some non-competitive keywords, the price is low, while for keywords that advertise a large number of websites, the price goes up.

Benefits of Google Ads Advertising

  • Your ad appears at the top of the search results.

  • Your ad is showing only for the selected keyword / phrase.

  • You determine the budget for your campaign.

  • You decide where your ad will appear.

  • Pay per click PPC.

  • Great insight into what people are searching for and keyword analysis.

  • Detailed analytics and control in investment.

  • Possibility of advertising both on Google and on the pages of independent partners.

  • Advertising on the YouTube platform.
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Google Ads Advertising Service

Our services include:

  • Creating new campaigns
  • Manage and improve existing campaigns

In addition to the monthly report, you have an insight into how your campaign is progressing at all times, and access to Google Analytics and Google Ads at all times.

Order Google advertising services

If you are interested in Google advertising services, schedule a free consultation where we will get to know your business. After that, we start finding the most relevant keywords and analyzing the competition.


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