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Why Social Media Marketing - SMM?

Social media marketing allows you to be present where your customers are. Therefore, through your presence, you instill in them security and trust in your brand (business).

With the right strategy, much greater results are achieved on social networks than through conventional media. Television and radio are the technology of the twentieth century, today they are neglected and their role has been taken by mobile phones and computers.

Quality content allows your business to connect with customers, both existing and potential at a higher level.

They feel that you are present, they can get in touch with you, consult about a problem, and even complain and ask for a solution from you.

The content should be informative, interesting, witty

The content should be informative, interesting and witty. When you share your knowledge with your audience in an interesting and engaging way they will know that they appreciate the useful information you have provided..

He will share his experience with others, and so he starts to unwind that ball indefinitely.

With the right approach and combination of these elements, you build a relationship with your audience that you can later turn into a much bigger and more profitable collaboration.

What do the statistics say, what are the advantages of being present on social networks?

  • Up to 2.14 billion users can be reached on Facebook through advertisements

  • Social networks and Google search advertising are among the channels with the highest return on investment (RIO)

  • 73% of businesses said that their presence on social networks "paid off".

  • 54% of customers use social media to research products

By profile management we mean:

  • Consultations and creating a strategy for appearing on social networks

  • Creating profiles and configuring profiles on social networks

  • Creation of complete visual content and accompanying text (Content)

  • Interaction with followers/audience

  • SMM analytics and reporting

  • Advertising on social networks Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Order professional management of profiles on social networks.

Make your brand stand out on social networks with interesting and quality content. By clicking the button below, choose which services you need, and we will create an offer based on that.


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