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The difference between content writing and copywriting


Copywriting texts are written with the clear goal of selling. Every word in these texts is subordinated to the fulfillment of the action (purchase, site visit, registration…) that is expected from the user.

Copywriting should be concise, without much philosophizing. The tone in which it is written should provoke emotion in the reader and convince him to perform the desired action.

The most important thing is to solve the problem! Instead of praising the product / service in the text, the reader should point out the clear benefits of that product / service, and how it will solve his problem and thus make his life easier.

For example: When writing about the features of a device such as a grass trimmer, it generally means nothing to potential buyers when we put the power of the trimmer and the number of revolutions per minute in the product description, it should be added that because of its high power and speed it will not stifle when you come across larger grass, that it is able to cut plants with thicker stems without any problems.

Content writing

Content writing are texts that are written for information purposes. Their goal is not to sell, at least not so directly.

Such texts are used to offer readers useful information and answers to their questions and common misconceptions. Trust is built through them.

In the era of digitalization, most of these texts are found in the form of blogs.

Obviously, blogs are a great way to communicate with your audience and bring people to your site.

For example, when someone searches for the term sciatica and comes across your blog where everything is nicely explained, what is sciatica, how it occurs, what are the symptoms, how it is treated… You helped the reader and your site gets value, and if he suffers from said problem there is a possibility that they will come to you for treatment.

In that way, quality content writing sells, although that is not its primary purpose!

Copywriting involves writing texts for:

  • Websites

  • Slogans

  • Advertising on the Internet and conventional media such as TV and radio

  • Email marketing

  • Billboard

  • Flyers, brochures…

Content writing involves writing texts for:

  • Blog

  • E-mail newsletter

  • Newspaper articles

  • Posts on social networks

SEO content writing

SEO content writing is the writing of texts that aim to rank your site as high as possible in the quality of its content, and thus bring more visits to the site.

By using certain tools for analyzing texts that are ranked for a keyword of business interest, we get an insight into which topics we need to cover within the text.

By applying this to blog texts, we offer high quality content to readers who will be informed on your site, and will not have to search further. It will be a thumbs up for google to have your site offer quality information and your site will rank better in search results.

Better ranked site → More visits → More sales of your product / service.

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