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Digital marketing

Digital marketing involves the promotion of products or services using digital communication channels in order for a particular message to reach the primary audience BLA BLA BLA…

Let's simplify this!

How much time did you spend watching TV today and how much did you spend on your phone / computer?

The answer to this question should be a clear indication that conventional media such as television and radio no longer have that much influence, even on the middle-aged generation, let alone on the youth.

Most people have realized by now that if you are not present on the internet then you do not exist, and if you are not doing well on the internet then it is as if you do not exist.

Presence on social networks and a website are a MUST HAVE in today's business.

Digital marketing allows you to chase your potential customer!

No, we're not kidding, a well-set campaign is real digital harassment!

Digital marketing has a much lower cost of advertising compared to conventional media, which only imposes that the return on investment is far higher (ROI-Return of investment).

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Some statistics

  • Up to 2.14 billion users can be reached on Facebook through advertisements.

  • The average cost-per-click (CPC) is $ 6.46, which is many times cheaper than being present on TV or radio.

  • Social networks and Google search advertising are among the channels with the highest return on investment (RIO).

  • 73% of businesses said that their presence on social networks "paid off".

  • 54% of customers use social media to research products.

Source: Hubspot

The benefits of digital marketing

Digital marketing provides a number of advantages and opportunities that other media cannot provide, namely:

  • Yes, you can choose your audience.

  • Yes, you can control every aspect of your promotions.

  • Yes, you can have feedback on how the campaign is progressing.

  • Yes, you can interact with your audience.

  • Yes, you can be present on all platforms.
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What we offer within digital marketing

Social media marketing - SMM

  • Creating and setting up profiles on social networks.

  • Creating visuals and writing texts for social networks.

  • Publishing content and interacting with the audience.


  • Website optimization so that it appears in search results for relevant keywords (SERPs).

Google advertising

  • Paid ads that appear in search results for selected keywords. YouTube ads such as banners and video content before and during the video.

Facebook Ads

  • Advertising on social networks Facebook and Instagram.

  • Creating visuals and writing copies for commercials.

  • Creating and managing campaigns.

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Digital marketing


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