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Advantages of Facebook advertising compared to conventional media like TV and radio

Unlike conventional media, advertising through the social network Facebook (and Instagram) provides many more opportunities to place advertisements to selected audiences for a much lower price.

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The uniqueness of Facebook advertising

  • As we have already mentioned, by advertising on social networks Facebook and Instagram, you can reach a large number of people around the planet

  • Facebook advertising offers precise targeting of the target group based on 3 parameters:




  • Accurate and extensive analytics

  • The ability to create a re-targeting campaign which leads to what we like to call marketing persecution of potential customers

  • Cheap advertising price, starting from $ 1 per day

What the process of advertising your business looks like

First, your profile is created on the social networks Facebook and Instagram with a unique design of the profile photo (usually the company logo) and the cover photo.

This is followed by linking these two accounts within the Meta Business Suite service (former Facebook Business Manager).

Creating designed posts and texts for your profile that aim to engage the audience as much as possible.

Creating a strategy for advertising on social networks with designed promotional posts.

Analytics monitoring and monthly reporting.

Return on investment in Facebook advertising (ROI)

Unfortunately, the days are long gone when organic content (without paid ads) could reach a large number of people.

Promoting posts has become something that is necessary and one cannot succeed without it.

Fortunately, social media advertising has a high return on investment (ROI).

Types of Facebook ads

Facebook advertising offers several different types of campaigns, and each has a different goal. Depending on what your goal is, the campaign you will use also differs:

  • Conversion campaigns aim to bring people to your site / page who are most likely to take action, such as buying your product or calling you.

  • Awareness campaigns aim to reach as many people as possible and raise awareness of your brand.

  • Consideration campaigns aim to:

    - to bring more traffic to your site or website.

    - to get more likes and engagements on the page.

    - to gather information from people interested in your business.

    - to increase the number of installs / downloads of your application.

With Facebook advertising, it is very important to choose a campaign that is appropriate for your goal.

Also, one of the very important elements is testing different types and formats of advertisements, as well as copy (text) and visuals.

Nothing should be based on assumptions.

By testing, we come to know which advertisements have the greatest effect and bring the best results.

After we determine which ad gives the best results, we direct our resources to it to make it as profitable as possible.

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