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Why do you need a website?

Nowadays, not having a website is the same as not existing. There are some exceptions who built up their validity with their clients without a website, but even they would improve their business with it.

A website can help you reach new potential clients and thus increase your profits. Isn’t that what every company strives for?

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Advantages of creating a website

Internet presence, through a professionally made website, allows you to reach a huge number of potential clients. Turn them into clients by standing out from the competition with quality design, ease of use (UI & UX) and quality information.

A quality website should enable:

  • An increase in demand for the product/service, thus increasing income
  • Potential clients to easily find your website (SEO- search engine optimization)
  • Your clients to easily find needed information
  • You to improve your image in the business world
  • Website visitors a good user experience

What is needed in order to successfully develop your website?

The foundation of everything is a good strategy and good project management. In order for a project to be successful, it is necessary to coordinate design and development , as well as the SEO and online marketing.

Each of these sectors must be perfected in order for the project to be successful. That of course is not the end. A constant need for advancement and improvement is needed at all fields.

It is necessary to constantly invest, both time and knowledge, in a website. Just making a website is not enough. Improving it and constantly optimizing it, in order to achieve the assigned goal and expected results, is needed.

Our task here at Bluestudio is to create a website that will be easy for visitors to use, and at the same time optimized so that it is positioned as well as possible in the search for keywords of business interest(SEO).

Website development service

Our team offers a wide spectrum of services when it comes to website development. You can choose whether your website will be developed with some of the most popular CMS systems, or will it be coded from scratch in some other way, specially for You.

Custom-made websites

Developing custom websites, that is developing a website from scratch, is the most adequate option if you want to have a unique website which will look just like you have imagined. Due to it being made from scratch, this kind of a website is not limited by anything. Everything can be made to fruition.

Sites created from scratch are characterized by:

  • High quality designs

    The website design is made entirely by your requests and it is absolutely unique.

  • Responsive design

    A design which adapts to all types of devices and to all screen sizes.

  • Control over all website aspects

    Due to the website being developed from scratch, it allows us to create a construction and all its aspects thus giving us total control over it.

  • Structure development from the start and better search engine optimization

    Before website design, a structure is made which is based on extensive keyword analyses, competition and other SEO aspects.

  • Flawless code

    Pure code which enables better performance and more stable website function.

  • No need for plugin updates

    Considering there are no plugins, as it’s the case with websites made in the scope of some CMS system, there is no need for their update.

Website development in WordPress

WordPress is definitely the most popular CMS platform for creating websites. As many as 37% of all websites were created using this platform.

WordPress is characterized by ease of use and a large selection of templates and plugins that can be used when creating a website.

Good optimization

Sites made in WordPress are SEO-friendly. They offer the possibility to modify all aspects of the website and are easy to implement SEO strategy.


Due to the large number of templates WordPress sites have a high level of modification. Even though websites created in WordPress take a large share of the market, they all have a unique look.

Responsive design

Making a website in WordPress offers the possibility of implementing a responsive design that enables a high-quality display on all devices and screen sizes.


Maintaining WordPress created websites is a bit more complicated than websites created with other CMS systems or from scratch. Although adding content is very simple and easy, plugin updating can turn out to be a problem for clients.

Websites made this platform require manual plugin updates, which can be a problem for users. For this reason, the clients prefer to pay a monthly maintenance fee rather than take care of updating themselves.

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Website creation in Webflow

Webflow is one of the most promising CMS systems today. Even though the number of websites created through this system is merely 0.5%, more and more developers are choosing to create websites through this great platform. Webflow makes it possible to create a website many times faster than WordPress does.

Better SEO implementation strategy

Given that webflow generates clean code, it is therefore suitable for implementing an SEO strategy.

Although there are not as many as in Wordpress, plugins are automatically updated and created by Webflow itself.

In the process of designing the site, absolutely every item that can be seen on the screen is 100% customizable.

Automatic plugin updates

Even though there aren’t as much as in WordPress, the plugins update automatically and are made by WebFlow itself.

WebFlow offers much more freedom in website design

In the process of designing the site, absolutely every item that can be seen on the screen is 100% customizable.

The price of website creation

The price of creating a website depends on many different factors and is not set in stone. Every website has a different structure and requirements in terms of programming complexity.

We form the price depending on what you want. We will get the best idea of the price when you describe your idea and requirements to us. You can do it by filling out an online form, clicking the ‘order’ (place your order) button bellow.

Place an order for a website

If you are ready to invest in a better client connection and therefore in a brighter future for your business, place an order for a custom-made website. WE will make for you a website with the latest world-class standards that will stand out with a unique design and ease of use.

Web development

Web development


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