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A stable and secure website is a feature of a successful business!

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Maintaining the website means adding content, updating and correcting any irregularities in its functioning.

A website that is regularly updated and whose performance is at a high level is also recognized by Google, therefore it ranks better in the search results.

In addition to high-quality and fast website development services, what we offer and what sets us apart from the competition is hosting.

We provide a hosting service for all the websites that we create, and thus we can influence the performance much more.

Instead of your website and hosting being in two different places and being torn between the company that maintains your website and the company that provides you with hosting, now you have it all in one place and you are no longer caught in the crossfire.

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Depending on the agreement and what you specifically need, we offer you two maintenance options:

  • One-time maintenance

    One-time changes on the site.

  • Monthly maintenance

    Regular updates and availability at all times.

Monthly maintenance is billed on a monthly or annual basis. It includes regular website updates and its price is formed depending on how frequent the changes and updating needs are.

One-time maintenance is for those websites that do not need frequent changes. The price of a one-time change is formed based on the complexity of the specific task.

If you think that your website does not look good enough and does not have adequate functionality and construction, you can order a website redesign service and get a better, more beautiful and functional site according to the latest world standards.

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If you want a stable and secure website that will be regularly updated, without defects and with top performance, you are in the right place. Our experts will ensure that your website runs smoothly and complies with industry standards.

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