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Gallery with ui/ux designs

The difference between user interface design and user experience design

UI or user interfacedesign and UX oruser experiencedesign represent two different professions that, over time, due to their close connection have been merged into one.

Despite being two different design professions, they work closely with each other and are key to a successful business.

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Three designers make UI

UI design

User interface design represents the look, feel and intuitiveness of a product with users. The goal of UI design is to visually guide the user through a website or application.

UI designers deal with aesthetics. Their task is to deal with colors, button shapes, fonts and other graphic elements. Their goal is to create a pleasant atmosphere on the website and for the interface to be appropriate to the theme of the site or application.

:In the creation of websites and applications, the combination of UI and UX design makes it possible to achieve top notch results on the business front.

UX design

User experience design includes all the elements that determine how the user feels when interacting with the company. This discipline combines aspects of psychology, market research, business, and design.

UX design primarily focuses on the needs of the user, how the user feels while viewing the website, how he navigates and whether the desired action is achieved in an easy and simple way.

The UX designer aims to guide the user through a website or application in an intuitive way, so that the user can carry out a specific action of business interest (buy a product, order a service, read a text, call a company...) without excessive thinking and distraction. UX design focuses exclusively on the entire experience of interaction between the user and the company!

Two designers make UX

UI and UX design service

UI and UX design are of crucial importance for creating a successful website. The combination of these two disciplines ensures that both the company and the users are satisfied and achieve the best results.

Following the latest world trends in the field of UI and UX design, we create a functional website for you that will stand out on the market, both aesthetically and functionally.

Thorough market research, analysis of the target audience and your business interests gives us an insight into what kind of a website we should create. By combining all of the above, we deliver to you a website that will exceed your criteria and intuitively guide its users to their goal.

Order a UI/UX design service

If you want your website or application to have a high level of aesthetics and at the same time to be functional and subordinate to the user experience, as well as the goals of your business, contact us to start creating solutions together.

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