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Development of web applications

A web application is a software that does not need to be installed but is located on the server. The web application is accessed via the Internet using a browser. It offers an improved user experience and is therefore distinguished from other sites.

The web application is accessed via the Internet using a browser. It offers an improved user experience and is therefore distinguished from other sites.

The experience of our developers allows us to come up with solutions in an efficient way. In creating web applications, we use the most advanced frameworks:

Frontend: React, Vue

Backend: Python Djnago, Node.js

Mobile: React Native

Responsive design provides an excellent user experience on devices of all sizes; therefore, your web application can be accessed from a mobile device, without losing the user-friendly efficiency.

The technologies used by our developers allow us to create web applications that are SEO friendly and have a complex database.

Bluepanel kontrolna tabla pregled grafikon i tabela meni sa leve strane
Pogled kroz prozor aviona animacija

JavaScript animations

Users have become bored with static sites. They want to see something happening on the website. They want dynamic and an unforgettable user experience. We can provide your users with just that through animations.

Animations that fit perfectly into the image of your website and contribute to an unforgettable user experience.

Creation of a custom web application

The advantage of a unique web application, compared to those created using a template, is that everything is coded from scratch. Therefore, the website can be fully adapted to your requirements and needs.

It is characterized by a unique design and an interface that is fully adapted to the user experience.

Speed and functionality are much higher due to there being no unnecessary options on the website that would confuse users and hinder the efficient use of the application.

3rd-party API integration

3rd-party API (application programming interface) is useful addition that enables website visitors to have a better user experience, and you to gain insight into the analytics and performance of the website in a simpler way.

New 3rd party applications are being developed every day, while the existing ones are constantly being improved. Today, there are many useful 3rd-party applications that will improve your business and make the path to conversion easier.

Among the options we offer, we highlight:

  • Online payment- makes shopping easier for your website visitors by integrating some of the alternative payment methods via mobile phone, credit card, Stripe, Amazon, PayPal, 2Checkout platform, Google Checkout, and others.

  • Connecting social networks

    - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

  • Advanced search options and filters

  • Programs for monitoring analytics and website performance

  • Integration of ERP and CRM solutions

  • Catalog creation, animation, 360 product overviews

  • Development of chat software, blog platforms and various plugins
  • Creation of professional pages on social platforms

Each of these API integrations brings benefits to your business, from improved user experience to clearer insight into site performance and analytics. APIs are the standard in the online business world. They allow users of your site to get a complete service and an appropriate experience with your brand.

Order a web application

Through many years of experience, we have acquired the knowledge to create various applications. From challenging applications for which we had to think very carefully, to those that we solved on the fly. If you need a web application development service, contact us to empower your brand to progress on the market.

Web development

Web development


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