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Significance of logo design

Despite the fact that there are people who think that the logo is not important, we tell you that the logo is the essence of the visual identity of your company and therefore must be created with a great deal of seriousness and professionalism.

The logo should be unique and recognizable, also applicable in all situations. No hustle and bustle. Simplicity prevails in the logo design, which highlights your brand in the best way.

In accordance with your wishes, we will create a unique and recognizable logo in accordance with the world's leading trends that will proudly lead the visual identity of your company.

Logo design for FWI sports brand
Logo design for elena stojanovic with cover application

Logo design service

The moment you realize that you need a logo design, you must be aware that the logo is the main sign of your brand. It will stand on all corporate materials and according to it, people will recognize you. The logo rarely changes, so be sure of what you want.

We emphasize communication, through consultation with our designer you will present your idea and we will design your logo according to it, we will draw your attention if your idea violates some of the design rules and offer you an alternative solution.

We are characterized by transparency throughout the entire process of creating a logo, you will be able to follow the course of development of your logo and based on feedback we will continue to design until the final solution.

Logo design price

The cost of logo design depends on how many ideas you want us to create.

The price depends on the number of solutions.

  • 2 solutions
  • 3 solutions
  • 5 solutions

We minimize the possibility of your dissatisfaction, with each of the selected packages you have the right to make changes until we reach the best visual solution that meets your standards and represents your brand.

Logo design, louder than most

Order a logo design service

If the company is a human person, then the logo is its face. Our team will make sure you get a facelift. Contact us if you are ready to enter the market with a recognizable and unique logo that will best represent the uniqueness of your company.

Graphic design

Graphic design


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