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What are illustrations?

An illustration displays a graphical representation that visually explains a text. This concept aims to convey a message.

Through illustrations, the messages are conveyed much easier because 80% of people will pay more attention to the visual illustration rather than text.

Illustrators create graphic illustrations according to previously specified guidelines in order to satisfy the client’s vision and aesthetic.

They adapt their style to your needs in order to create a visual solution that matches your vision and the rules of the profession.

illustration, man, thinking
illustration of Mona Lisa

Services and types of illustrations

Our services cover illustrating a wide range of illustrations for many different purposes.

Illustrations for websites

With creative illustrations you can leave a better impression on the user and in combination with text, you send a well-defined message. This way of communication with the user has multiple benefits in terms of marketing and UI/UX design.

Infographic design

Contrary to the text, which has an average reading rate of 30%, visual representation converts up to 80%. The average user relies more on the visual aspect and first impression rather than the quality of information in the text. Based on that, our illustrators design infographics that contain complex information and offer better quality than just text.

Infographics we usually create are:

  • Info icons
  • Graphic simulation of different processes
  • Statistical data (diagrams, maps…)
  • Schematic diagrams and timelines

Icon illustration

By combining different geometric shapes and patterns, we create new and unique icons for our clients.

During the production process, we combine different shapes and figures, illustrated in a desired style.

Icons can be:

  • Flat
  • UI
  • Minimalistic
  • Monochromatic

Unique Illustrations

By creating unique illustrations, we help you grow your brand and leave a striking impression on your target audience. Specialized designers will create an innovative graphical solution in order to advance your brand’s image.

Book illustrations

Artistic illustrations which will decorate your books and intrigue the eyes of the readers. We create illustrations which will, along with your text, excite readers.

Illustrated book covers will appeal to the eyes of potential customers and transform them into passionate readers.

Illustration for children and character design

It is common knowledge that children prefer looking at pictures rather than reading a text, thus, we will design creative illustrations that will convey information visually and help them understand the message in an appropriate way.

Vector art

Drawing in vectors is the basis of every illustration. With the help from the most contemporary tools, we create vector graphics that don’t change their quality relative to their size. Vector graphics guarantee sharpness in every proportion. Despite zooming in or out, the quality of the illustration remains the same.

What does the illustration process look like?

After you send us the basic information, we get in touch with you to agree on the concept that we will follow.

When we establish the final concept, aka the conceptual solution, we start with the creation of the illustration.

Project Documentation

Project documentation contains your requirements, company information, color scheme and conceptual solution.

Storyboard – draft

We do research in order to present the illustration to your target audience in the best way possible. We create a draft which we send to you for an evaluation. At the same time, it serves as a foundation for further designing.

Illustration design

We design the illustration according to the previously mentioned steps and guidelines. We try to create a unique illustration that will help you achieve better results.

Final Solution

The final illustration is delivered to you for a final evaluation, according to all the aforementioned guidelines, in which some small details are discussed. After that, we deliver the final solution in all corresponding formats.

Queens gambit illustration

Place an order for an illustration design service

If you have an idea that is waiting for a visual solution, place an order for an illustration design. We will do our best in order for your illustration to stand out in a unique way and to help you achieve your goals.

Graphic design

Graphic design


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