Label design

label design

Let your products stand out with striking labels that the eye will notice and the hand will go by itself.

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label design

Label design that sells

People explore the world through their eyesight, so what is beautiful to the eye, immediately has greater credibility.

A product whose label is unique and presents it in a unique way is more likely to be chosen by a potential buyer.

The design of the label must differ from other manufacturers of the same product, but at the same time emphasize which category the product belongs to.

The label contains all the necessary information:

  • about the manufacturer,
  • place of production,
  • date of manufacture and expiry date,
  • composition,
  • warnings,
  • gross and net weight,
  • bar code,
  • table of nutritional values

We will design labels according to your guidelines and prepare them for printing. If you do not understand the types of label paper, we will advise you which one to choose so that your label is displayed in the right light.

The Queens gambit whiskey
Wine label design

Types of labels

Our team of experienced designers has no problem creating label designs for any product.

Among other things, we single out:

  • Beer labels,
  • Wine labels,
  • Label for brandy and spirits,
  • Honey labels,
  • Jar labels,
  • Bottle labels

If you are in the mood, we will also create decorative boxes that will give your packaging a dose of elegance and sophistication. Compared to other products that do not have a decorative box, yours will give the impression of higher class. This will give the customer a dose of confidence that the product is valuable and high quality.

Order a label design

We approach label design strictly professionally. After consulting with you and researching the competition, we create a unique label by which your product will be recognizable on the market.

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Graphic design


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